Before renovation


A stay at Hotel El Palacio does not only include excellent service and great comfort. You also get to experience the rich history of the building (free of charge).

Let's go back to the start. This marvelous building was constructed in 1920 by a Spanish architect, in assignment of Mr. R. Bents, spouse of Mrs. Ferrari. Mr. Bens owned one of the biggest sugar cane plants of the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately he lost a lot of his wealth after WOII, forcing him to sell the premises.

Over the next years, the building was occupied by the first Banca Reserva of the Dominican Republic, a hospital and finally some small gift shops. At this point in time, the building suffered from immense decay.

We didn't want to let a beautiful building like this go to waste. So we decided to completely renovate it to its original state. After a couple of years of hard work, we are proud to present the result to all our guests.

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